Printer/Photocopier Cartridges

  • Refill old inkjet and laser cartridges at various local commercial outlets – see ‘Yellow Pages’ under the ‘Computer Supplies’ and 'Office Supplies & Equipment'
  • Cartridge World refill most types of cartridges - stores are in Nelson and Richmond
  • Croxley Recycling (formerly known as the Toner Recycling Centre) operates cartridge and recycling schemes with Ricoh, Canon, Brother, Konica Minolta and Sharp
  • Most branded printer/photocopier manufacturers like Fuji-Xerox, Hewlett-Packard, Brother etc provide free collection and recycling services for their own brand cartridges. Check out their websites for more information.
  • Many online options are available to refill or recycle your printer cartridges e.g. Inkworks, Cartridge Rescue

Cartridge World                                                                                             Ph: 0800  273 3455
Cartridge World, 14 Vanguard Street, Nelson                                         Ph: (03) 546 9650
Cartridge World, 267 Queen Street. Richmond                                      Ph: (03) 544 4000
Croxley Recycling                                                                                          Ph: 0800 800 494